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What We Are

Located in the East End of Waterbury, CT, Great American Aquaculture is a land-based, saltwater recirculating aquaculture company - the only commercial scale facility of its kind in Northeast United States. With advanced, state-of-the-art technology designed and provided by Pentair AES, we raise fish in optimal growing conditions, filtering and reusing our water to recover waste products and minimize water waste and discharge. Grown inside our facility, our fish are not exposed to external pathogens or pollutants so we don't need to use antibiotics, growth hormones or other additives. By treating and reusing our water, we will protect the local ecology of the area, continuously maintaining a high level of environmental sustainability.

Why land-based aquaculture?

More and more, Americans are questioning the origins, production methods and handling of the food they eat. Shoppers are asking: "How fresh is that fish"? "Where did it come from"? Rarely do you see "harvest" or "sell by" dates on fresh seafood products. Because so little of the seafood we eat in this country is actually produced in this country (less than 10%) by the time it arrives on our plate it has been transported thousands of miles, processed and packaged by numerous parties in numerous countries and pushed through an inefficient and costly, multi-layered distribution system. Because Great American Aquaculture is located right in the middle our local markets, we can deliver directly to our customers fish that was harvested just the day before.

Here at Great American Aquaculture, we feel there is room for all forms of seafood production - sustainable, responsible wild fisheries, ocean cage, inland lagoon and recirculating aquaculture all have a place in this country's seafood supply chain. We just believe everything needs to be done in a sustainable manner that produces superior quality seafood products. With a recirculating facility like ours, we can bring fresh seafood production back to the local markets here in the United States. Even to industrial, landlocked Waterbury.

Sea Bass, our first species

At Waterbury, our first of many planned facilities, we will be raising European Sea Bass or Branzino. It is already an extremely popular fish in Mediterranean region (where it is farmed in sea cages) and is becoming increasing popular in the United States where interest in healthy, Mediterranean gourmet is rapidly increasing. This fish is very hardy and is a great candidate for recirculating aquaculture cultivation.

Our goal is to bring you a fresh, sustainable, antibiotic, and hormone free seafood products. We will sell direct to our customers, all but eliminating food miles while providing absolute certainty of the origin, production methods, freshness and health of our fish.